I had pasta with sausage in a cream sauce and Pat ate the Italian version of sp? Francis himeself used,asics ds racer, The Zulu Parade still parades through Downtown and into the Treme (a largely black suburb) and you can believe they save their best and most throws for the Treme portion of the parade. There are parades through Canal Street every day and it is easy to be overwhelmed with them so it is best to pick the ones you want to go to and keep it to tat (it is a marathon not a race!) Getting down Bourbon street becomes harder and harder the closer you get to Fat Tueday (the final day of Mardi Gras).so I will slow down and head back to where I had last left you I had seen my first parade and caught my first Waiting for the parade to startthrows of the season - I had a Hurricane out of a boot and was ready to see what was to come next The next night I headed out again and saw the parades I saw the Muses an all female parade and managed to catch myself a shoe - yes they are known for throwing decorated shoes from the float - as expected it is covered in glitter and sparkly beads- I'd expect nothing less from New Orleans Every day the parades get longer and more intricate and the throws get better - I scored a few big beads and got some good souvenirs and gifts for people (be assured I hand picked each bead for each individual! October 9th 2015
hitch hiking the states
Niagara falls to California but stopping in a few other places along the way
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looking for WWOOFing companion
WWOOFing from november onwards
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   It is an extinct animal and the life-size replica they had there looked a lot Cuevo del MilodonA view from inside the cavelike a really big bear with a longer nose. Once at the ruins I got myself a guide that explained to me what the ruins were all about and I really enjoyed her explanations. They have a lot of them here. and the hot and sticky monsoon season is over. I miss my 2 hour morning bicycle rides,adidas clima cool socks, è tempo di Casa De Los Ni? Sembra di scendere nella bocca dell'inferno,adidas coaching shorts, like international hotels. If you do decide to purchase alcohol,black and white super star, About 30 feet from our apartment.